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About Sedulity

“Sedulity Solutions & Technologies” is the most professional group of Certified Cyber Security Professionals, IT Experts and Ethical Hackers involved into various Cyber Security Solutions, Secure Development, IT Auditing, Technical Risk Analysis, Open Source Projects, etc. We are Equipped with a team of Certified Information Security Professionals, Certified IT Auditors, Ethical Hackers, Forensics experts, Secure Coders, Linux and Networking experts from across the globe involved into providing End-to-End Quality solutions in the field of Cyber Security, Research and Development. We provide customized Cyber Security solutions for Corporate and Govt. Departments (as per ITAA2008) and make sure that each client will get the 100% satisfaction for all the services & solutions provided by us.

Mission: To make all industries Hack Proof from internal and external Cyber threats.

Vision: To implement the optimum level of Cyber Security solutions so that every organization (Govt. & Corporate) will just focus on their business and productivity. What we do: We provide various IT solutions for Small Level, Middle Level, and Large level Enterprises.