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Cyber Forensics

We understand your problems and work for your ease.

Today in this Cyber Era, Internet plays a vital role for attaining jobs, research, Education and remaining globally competitive etc. It also helps us to remain connected with peers & professionals globally through social networking sites. However, it has lot of negative impact as well when it is misused against anyone in the form of Cyber Crime.

There are various types of Cyber Crimes which requires Forensics to find the evidence. Cyber Forensics is the scientific process of presentation of evidences derived from the digital sources for the purpose of facilitating the reconstruction of events to be Cyber Criminal. Cyber Forensics involves Preservation, Collection, Validation, Identification, Analysis, Interpretation, Documentation and presentation of Digital Evidences stored in a Computer or on the Web.

We work for individuals and businesses to respond them immediately as per the nature of incident. Our Forensics Specialists recover data and other information even after it has been deleted or formatted to accomplish thorough analysis for presenting the evidence to the court or law-enforcement department. Our ultimate focus is to neutralize Global Cyber Threats and to protect the intellectual Assets, countries and their citizens.

What do you get from our Forensics Analysis?

  • Root cause of an event
  • Who is responsible for the event?
  • When, where and how the event caused?
  • Make you understand the problem so that it won’t be exploited again
  • Cyber Forensics Report that will stand up to legal scrutiny Technical support and countermeasures to prevent from future threats
  • Legal Support from world renowned Cyber Lawyers