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Cyber Crime Investigation

Cyber Crime Investigation: Today in the modern Cyber Era, where everything is getting dependent on Computers and Internet, the Crime rate is also increasing; where computer and other digital devices play a vital role. Today if you read any Newspaper or watch any news channel you’ll get to know about different type of Cyber Crimes.

Our Experience:

Every day, there are thousands of victims who face different types of ‘Cyber Crimes’ due to which they have to suffer from sleepless nights. However, the question is that how many of them make a complaint with Law Enforcement and out of them how many file Court Case. In most of the complaints it has been found that victim just want the information about what has been exactly done with them or want to know the culprit who has done this Cyber Mischief due to which he/she has to undergo the mental harassment. This is the major problem due to which the Cyber Criminals move freely in front of each one of us.

Today, the Crime has taken a new shape and the criminals are very smart and technical in this Internet world. No matter it is a question of Financial Fraud or fraudulent transactions, Identity theft, Defamation, Corporate Data Theft, Cyber Stalking & Harassment, Cyber Extortion, Password theft, Fake Social Network Profile creation with/ without obscene content, Fake obscene MMS creation, etc. These are the real time examples where the “Cyber Crime” has left all other Crimes far behind.

How we Help:

To combat with such Cyber Threats “Sedulity Solutions & Technologies” provides dedicated ‘Cyber Crime Investigation’ services to help clients in order to get rid from the Cyber Issues for life time. Our expertise and professional team of Cyber Crime Investigators, Forensic Experts, Certified Information Security Experts, Cyber Lawyers, etc. will help you to resolve all the cyber related issues at the most economical and confidential manner, that will be out of the competency of all.

We are one of the few organizations in the world that understand Cyber World technically, Cyber Law, and the mindset of Cyber Criminals. Our technical investigation techniques and Legal tactics allow us to be highly efficient solving your Cyber Cases. Our Expertise in this domain allowed us to have 98% case clearance rate for our clients which has given them complete satisfaction.

Get started with your Consultation:

We will essentially understand your case and asked you to submit the proof of complaint and digital evidences that you have at your end. On the basis of your complaint we will start the investigation process immediately to get the results. In the meantime we will also interact along with Law Enforcement and our Cyber Lawyers in advance to ensure that they will be accessible for the case (if required) once Cyber Crime Investigation will be over.

At Sedulity Solutions & Technologies, we only work for those clients who believe we can help them. In Cyber Crime Investigation, the range of problems and solutions vary as per the case as it is Technical Risk Management Program.

So no matter your existing or ex-employee has cheated you or stolen your company’s important data, your spouse or partner is cheating you, your friend/ classmate/ colleague has created your bogus profile on internet, your IP/ network/ computer has been hacked and misused by someone for Cyber Crime, don’t’ feel Shy…Come along with your problems and get the solution up to 100% satisfaction.

Note: We are committed to protect the confidentiality of all our clients. Your information will be kept absolutely restrained and confidential.

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